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Please fill out applications, vendors from past years have first priority on products.  including crafts and food. 

Return your application ASAP.  We try not to duplicate products. past years vendors have preference.  Preference is lost after if you miss a year and products will be given to new vendors.  All vendors need approval if you are not approved your check will be returned.

Don't Forget Release of Liability


We are Run by volunteers please have patience, any unprofessional rude behavior may constitute being removed from participation. (BE NICE)

All vendors are subject to review before being accepted, 2022 vendors have preference.  All vendors are required to participate all 3 days of the event, no exceptions.  All vendors must provide their own canopies with weights.  

If you have questions on becoming a vendor with Rainier Days in the Park you can email our vendor coordinator with the handy form below.  Be sure to include information about what you wish to sell at Rainier Days in the Park.

Rainier Days in the Park reserves the right to deny or approve all applications
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